Halita Toothpaste 75 pieces

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Description of Halita Toothpaste

Daily use dentifrice that eliminates bad breath and refreshes the mouth.
Its formula with Cetylpyridinium chloride prevents the formation of oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) and reduces its accumulation, helping to decrease the production of malodorous gases. Its composition also containing Fluoride and Xylitol protects teeth and gums, while acting against caries and increasing saliva flow to fight dry mouth.
HALITA® is the first scientifically developed treatment for the control of oral halitosis.


For cases of chronic halitosis of oral origin, because it neutralises malodorous substances which may cause it. 
For transient bad breath caused by food, drinks, tobacco, hormonal changes, medications, etc.

Ingredients Halita Toothpaste

Cetylpyridinium chloride 0.05%
An antiseptic that inhibits the formation of oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) and reduces its accumulation.
Xylitol 10.00%
Guarantees anticaries effect and promotes salivation and moisturisation of the mouth.
Zinc lactate 0.14%
Deactivates malodorous gases inhibiting their release and preventing them from causing negative effects in the oral cavity.
Sodium fluoride 0.321% (1450 ppm)
Prevents caries formation.
Halita Toothpaste 75 pieces

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