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Description of Glyco-Flex 3 Canine Tasty Tablets

The Glyco-Flex line of Vetri-Science has been developed for dogs, cats and horses with joints complaints.
Glyco-Flex is deliverable in different versions (I, II and III) what means that we have a specific preparation available for each indication. In addition, different versions are available in various dosage forms. For example, there is an appropriate Glyco-Flex version for every animal, no matter how delicate it may be. 
Glyco-Flex is recommended for a number of joint problems, of which osteoarthritis is the most important. 


Glyco-Flex I is recommended for varieties that are sensitive hip and other joint problems. Glyco-Flex I can be given to young (er) animals to support joint development and health. Glyco-Flex II is recommended for adult dogs with moderate joint problems. Glyco-Flex is also very suitable for work and sport dogs and is used as an after-treatment for joint operations. Glyco-Flex III offers dogs with significant joint problems, maximum support. It is very suitable for the old dog with Osteoarthritis.

Use of Glyco-Flex 3 Canine Tasty Tablets

Tablets per day:

11-55 lbs:
first 6 weeks: 1, maintenance dose: 1/2 

57-99 lbs:  
first 6 weeks: 2, maintenance dose: 1

>99 lbs: 
first 6 weeks: 3, maintenance dose: 1,5 

Side effects of Glyco-Flex 3 Canine Tasty Tablets

Glyco-Flex consists of a number of active ingredients, whose functions are as follows: 

DMG: DiMethylGlycine is a strong antioxidant. So DMG will help to capture free radicals that originate in the inflammatory processes in the joints. Furthermore, it supports the bloodstream to the joint, allowing the nutrients to better reach the joint. 

Green-lipped mussel: Green-lipped mussel contains a large number of ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the joint. It is rich in amino acids, minerals, Omega fatty acids, glucosamine (see below) and chondroitin. Green-lipped mussel provides building blocks for the glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in the cartilage, regulates the inflammatory processes, provides building blocks and energy for the muscles. 

Glucosamine:  This substance is very necessary for the production of the glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and the synovia (joint lubricant). Glucosamine has very good results in patients with arthritis can be used in recovery after joint operations.

MSM: MethylSulfonylMethane provides sulfur for the collagen production and repair. It has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory function.

Manganese: The manganese in Glyco-Flex is bound to an amino acid, making it well absorbed by the body. Manganese is required for the enzyme glycosyltransferase, which is involved in the production of collagen, GAGs and proteoglycans.
Glyco-Flex also contains a number of very important antioxidants, namely glutathione, grape seed extract (so-called OPCs), selenium and vitamin E. All these substances reduce harmful oxidative reactions and inhibit enzymes that stimulate inflammatory processes.

Latest reviews and experiences with Glyco-Flex 3 Canine Tasty Tablets

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    I've used from stage 1-3 throughout my 3 labs lives and have found this brand the only one which works. if I run out they all show signs of stiffness, but as soon as I start using these again they are all free with movement again.

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    Used for my aged dog for his arthritis. Seems to help. Thank you the product, it as well packaged and arrived before the eta. Good value. Highly recommend.

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