Gehwol Nail Softening 15 ml

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Description of Gehwol Nail Softening

The GEHWOL med Nail Softener softens hard nails and helps to prevent them growing inwards. Softens quickly and carefully the cornification and alleviates discomfort with ingrown nails. Bisabolol helps to prevent redness and irritation. Hard skin beneath the nail and in the nail fold softens and leads to an easy removal of the cornification without causing pain.


Prevents ingrown toenails and strong cornification. Makes cuticles elastic.

Use of Gehwol Nail Softening

Coat affected area twice a day. 

Ingredients Gehwol Nail Softening

Active Ingredients: Medicated soap, Bisabolol, ethanolamine

Side effects of Gehwol Nail Softening

In very rare cases, hypersensibility to one or more elements can exist
Gehwol Nail Softening 15 ml

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