Gehwol Leg Balm 125 ml balm

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Description of Gehwol Leg Balm

Pleasantly soothing medicinal herb balm  for legs and feet Allantoin and bisabolene, active ingredients of horse chestnut and chamomile, as well as panthenol have a soothing effect on reddening and uncleanness of the skin. Together with extracts from the Virginian witch hazelnut bush (hamamelis), it has an astringent effect and relieves irritation. The skin quickly absorbs the biologically valuable substances. Regular use prevents dry skin and premature aging of the skin. A light massage with the creamy balm pleasantly refreshes, strengthens your veins and prevents leg ailments during pregnancy. The legs and feet are always kept fresh and well taken care of. The well-tried active ingredients prevent the formation of blisters, itching between the toes and have a long-lasting deodorising effect.
Dermatologically tested. Also suitable for diabetics.


Een verfrissende en verzorgende balsem voor vermoeide benen, ook geschikt voor zwangere vrouwen. Stimuleert de doorbloeding.

Use of Gehwol Leg Balm

Apply the cream onto clean and dry skin of your legs, once to twice a day.
(£7,71 / 100 ml)

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