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Description of Fittydent Self-Adhesivee Pillows

- the solution for patients with flat or narrow jaw
- ensures a strong adhesion between the denture and the gums, even in difficult cases
- the adhesive is water resistant, therefore suitable for patients with excessive salivation
- does not contain zinc.


Fittydent sticky pads for extremely difficult under prosthetics. For stabilizing of under dentures.

Use of Fittydent Self-Adhesivee Pillows

Wash and dry your device before applying a Fittydent adhesive pad. Remove the film from both sides of the pad prior to use. Ask the adhesive pad adhesive inside the unit for the lower jaw and press it strongly. Expel any air bubbles.

If necessary, adjust the length of the adhesive pad with scissors. Turn thight the unit to the jaws strongly. For best results, wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking.

Ingredients Fittydent Self-Adhesivee Pillows

Polyvinyl acetate, Na carboxymethylcellulose, Glycerintriacetaat, Petrolatum.

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    I have tried it and I must admit that its very good. You can cut them in the middle so you can use them 2x. My teeth were pulled 6 weeks ago and my teeth were to big and my gums weren't strong enough so I needed 2 instead of 1. I expect that when everything is back to normal that 1 will do the trick.

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