Feliway Classic 60 ml spray

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Description of Feliway Classic

Feliway is a synthetic copy of the face pheromone of the cat. This pheromone is used by cats to mark their territory as safe.

By recreating the natural facial pheromones of the cat Feliway gives a sense of confidence and security in the cat's environment. This way, Feliway can be used for cats to feel comfortable and reassuring them when they have to face a situation and / or to help the cat to prevent or reduce stress by a change in its environment.


Helps reduce stress and gives your cat a very peaceful feeling.

Use of Feliway Classic

Use Feliway® at least 30 continuous days for best results. The first improvements may already be visible the first week!


  • Not recommended for excessive aggression between cats and cat owners.
  • Additional behavioral training and setting adjustments may be necessary, as well as veterinary advice.
Feliway Classic 60 ml spray
(£36,48 / 100 ml)

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