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Description of Etixx Carbo-Gy

The Vitamins B1 and B2 in CARBO-GY contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, and Folate contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. CARBO-GY is a balanced energy drink supplying carbohydrates in a high dosage. This makes CARBO-GY the ideal drink to fuel up during sports when there is little time to drink a lot or during cold weather with reduced transpiration. An additional advantage in the latter situation is that CARBO-GY can be consumed as a stimulating hot drink.


- Can be used cold or hot
- Provides carbohydrates (= energy) whilst not being sticky in the mouth
- Perfect for glycogen loading prior to long competitions or training sessions.

Use of Etixx Carbo-Gy

Dissolve 70 g powder in 500 ml water (4 scoops = 70 g powder) as energy drink during exercise and as carbo load before exercise.

Ingredients Etixx Carbo-Gy

fructose - Maltodextrin - acid: citric acid - aroma - nicotinamide - thiamine hydrochloride - riboflavin - pteroylmonoglutamic acid

per 100g: 386 kcal/1639 kJ
per 70 g (500 ml): 270 kcal/1148 kJ

per 100g: 0 g
per 70 g (500 ml): 0g

of which saturated:
per 100 g: 0g
per 70 g (500 ml): 0g

per 100g: 94.4 g
per 70g (500 ml): 66.1

of which sugars: 
per 100g : 52.1g
per 70g (500ml): 36.5g
per 100g: 0g
per 70g (500ml): 0g
per 100g: 0g
per 70g (500ml): 0g
Vitamin B1:
per 100g: 0.24 mg (21% RI *)
per 70g (500ml): 0.17 mg (15% RI *)
Vitamin B2:
per 100g: 0.30 mg (21% RI *)
per 70g (500ml): 0.21 mg (15% RI *)
Vitamin B3:
per 100g: 3.43mg (21% RI *)
per 70g (500ml): 2.40mg (15% RI *)
Vitamin B9:
per 100g: 0.04mg (21% RI *)
per 70g (500ml): 0.03mg (15% RI *)
* RI = Reference intake
(£21,50 / kg)

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