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Description of Etixx Autumn Kit

A Etixx-autumn pack contains 5 different Etixx Products:     
  • 1x Etixx Magnesium 2000AA     
  • 1x Etixx Carbo GY     
  • 1x Etixx Energy Gel     
  • 1x Etixx Energy Sport bar Lemon     
  • 6x Etixx Recovery Shakes
For a total value of 49.95 euros.

Plus you get more:     
  • An Etixx Sportsbag     
  • An Etixx drinking bottle    
  • An Etixx Compendium     
  • An Etixx 'always price' ticket.


Magnesium 2000 AA (for sports)
  • The rapidly absorbable magnesium effervescent tablet for improved energy production and to prevent cramps
Carbo Gy (before/during exercise):
  • The energy drink/carbo load, ideal as a carbohydrate source in cold weather and little time to drink. (you can also drink it hot)
Energy Gel (during exercise):
  • The direct-acting energy gel that provides an energy boost, thanks to the fast absorbing tri-phase gel (fast, medium fast and slow sugars).
Sport Energy Bar Lemon (during exercise):
  • The ideal energy bar thanks to the optimal sugar/protein supply (fuel). Good eatable during exercise
Recovery Shake (after exercise):
  • The recovery drink, immediately after exercise (carbohydrates, proteins and minerals), causing muscle preservation and no suffering the next day.

Use of Etixx Autumn Kit

Magnesium 2000 AA (befor exercise)
  • 1 effervescent tablet daily in a glass of water (200ml)
Carbo Gy (before/during exercise):
  • 70g dissolving powder in 500ml water (4 scoops = 70g powder) as an energy drink (during) and as carbo load (day before and morning)
Energy Gel (during exercise):
  • 1 to 2 bags per hour of exercise
Sport Energy Bar Lemon (during exercise):
  • 1 bar per hour of exercise. Also ideal as a healthy meal bar (snack).
Recovery Shake (after exercise):
  • 1 sachet powder (dissolved in 500ml water/milk) immediately after each exercise.
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  • 4/5
    Reviewed by
    Good startes Package to get to know the products of etixx. Very alternating, so i recommend it. It is delivered in a sportbag
  • 5/5
    Reviewed by
    I ordered the fall package of etixx sport nutritions. It was very succesfull and a good test of the products!! It was only too less!! :-D

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