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Description of Endwarts Pen Applicator

EndWarts PEN provides a unique treatment which effectively dries out warts/verrucas on hands, feet, elbows and knees. The EndWarts PEN is an easy to use pen applicator for the self-removal of warts/verrucas. Treatment takes seconds and EndWarts Pen is applied only once a week.

EndWarts PEN contains formic acid and comes in a convenient applicator that makes the treatment quick and easy. The unique formula in EndWarts PEN helps the body to dry out and reject warts.

Formic acid, which is the active ingredient in EndWarts PEN, has been proven to be very effective on warts in several clinical studies. In one such study3, 9 out of 10 people treated with EndWarts were wart free within 12 treatments with formic acid. On average, the warts disappeared after 4-5 treatments.

The pen contains enough formic acid for approximately 30 treatments. The solution is bactericidal and when used correctly, does not scar or cause infections. Since no viruses can survive in the solution, the same pen can be used by several family members. However, if you have two or more warts that need to be treated, there is no advantage in sharing it with others.

The ergonomic EndWarts PEN was designed to make wart removal simple and precise. The applicator automatically delivers the correct dose when the tip is pressed lightly against the wart. Using EndWarts PEN takes a few seconds once a week, so the wart treatment does not cause stress or interruption to your day.


Endwarts PEN is an effective treatment for the removal of one or more warts on hands, feet, elbows and knees. It can be used for both adults and children.

Also suitable for small children, diabetics and pregnant and nursing women.

Use of Endwarts Pen Applicator

  1. To open, the cap is rotated until the orange strip on the pen is in line with the small cavity on the cap. Once in line, the cap can be safely pulled off the body of the pen.
  2. Press the tip of the pen lightly against the wart/verruca for one second and repeat once. Be careful not to apply the solution to the surrounding skin
For a successful result, treat regularly once a week until the wart/verruca has completely disappeared, otherwise the process stops.

Since EndWarts PEN is absorbed directly into the wart and the solution leaves no trace on the skin. For example, you can put on socks or take a bath immediately following application.

Ingredients Endwarts Pen Applicator

Colourless to slightly brown solution (formic acid, water, glycerol, lemon oil).

Side effects of Endwarts Pen Applicator

EndWarts PEN contains a strong acid. If the solution is over applied or applied incorrectly, it can cause skin damage. Temporary side effects can occur on the application site, for example tenderness, stinging, pain, redness, burning sensation or bleeding from blood capillaries. Pause treatment until the skin is completely recovered. Over application and incorrect application can result in more severe side effects such as blisters, wounds, dark pigmentation of skin, chemical burns, inflammation, tissue death (necrosis) or scarring. The damaged area should be kept clean to avoid infection. Stop the treatment in such instances and in the case of serious skin damage, contact a doctor. EndWarts PEN has a strong smell that can be irritating to respira - tory organs and eyes. Do not smell the contents of the pen. Side effects may include irritation in the respiratory system and/or throat. Side ef - fects may also include runny nose, runny eyes or difficulty in breathing. Isolated cases of allergic reaction such as redness, rash and itching have been reported.


  • Only for external usage.
  • Keep out of reach and out of sight of children.
  • Store between 15 and 25°C, preferably upright.
  • Do not apply on facial warts, genital warts, molluscum, birthmarks, corns, hard skin or other skin defects
  • People with diabetes should only use EndWarts PEN on warts/verrucas on healthy skin (undamaged and unaffected by diabetic disease) and with extra care.
(£652,70 / 100 ml)

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    Great! Very easy to apply. The warts had disappeared in a few weeks and without pain. It is now also possible to receive a weekly text message which reminds one to apply the EndWarts PEN.

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