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Description of Elmex Toothpaste Menthol Free

Elmex Toothpaste Menthol Free
Patients receiving homeopathic treatment should avoid cooling substances such as menthol. In collaboration with homeopaths, Elmex Research has developed Elmex menthol-free toothpaste for these patients. It contains no essential oils such as peppermint and menthol and has a slightly fruity flavour instead. This toothpaste is also ideal for people with an allergy to menthol. The amine fluoride in Elmex menthol-free toothpaste provides reliable protection against caries. Elmex menthol-free toothpaste can be obtained from pharmacy outlets only.

Main benefits
  • Good caries protection as with Elmex CARIES PROTECTION toothpaste.


For people who take a homoeopathic treatment or with a menthol allergy.

Use of Elmex Toothpaste Menthol Free

Use for children (6 years and younger) toothpaste not more than the growth of a pea.

Ingredients Elmex Toothpaste Menthol Free

Fluoride content: 1250 ppm
Elmex Toothpaste Menthol Free 75 ml
(£4,56 / 100 ml)

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    This product is very good. It really is menthol free which means that it does not cause inflammation inside my mouth when I use it to clean my teeth. It leaves the teeth feeling very smooth, and a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. I saw my dentist earlier this week, and she complimented me on my dental hygiene. All thanks to Elmex!

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