Elimax Anti Lice Shampoo 250 ml

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Description of Elimax Anti Lice Shampoo

Elimax® consists of a specially developed oil that does two things:
  1. kills lice and nits through suffocation
  2. dehydrates and shrivels the skin of lice and nits
Elimax® contains an LPF® factor that makes the hair lice-unfriendly in three ways:
  1. neutralizes the charge of the hair making it more difficult for lice to move from head to head
  2. lice-repellent odour that smells pleasant to humans
  3. unsuitable hair structure causing lice to avoid the treated area and refrain from laying eggs there


  • kills lice and nits
  • protects against new lice
  • protects against infestation

Use of Elimax Anti Lice Shampoo

The shampoo can also be used as a preventive treatment to protect hair against lice when it is the period of it. 
This shampoo washed the hair, so it is not needed to use another shampoo

Check the hair after 7 days to spot the nits that may have been missed and turned into lice by that time. The treatment can be repeated.
(£8,05 / 100 ml)

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