Durex Play Gel Massage 200 ml

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Description of Durex Play Gel Massage

The Durex Massage gel 2 in 1 Aloë Vera is enriched with aloë vera extracts, which is famous for its hydrating and calming properties. The gel is ideally suited for soft, sensual massages, suited for the whole body. Let your fantasy lead you and apply the gel wherever you want. This massage gel can also be used as a lube.

Without perfume and pH-neutral. Non greasy, doesn't stain and is not sticky: this way your massage is always a succes. The coulourless gel is eatable and water-based and can therefore be used with all condoms.

Use of Durex Play Gel Massage

Remove the cap and push gently in. Rub a little bit of gel between your pals before you start to massage the whole body. You can apply the new gel as much as you like. The tube of the massage gels are designed to be very easy in use.
Durex Play Gel Massage 200 ml

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