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Description of Desensin Gel

Desensin® gel quickly and locally eliminates the sharp, painful sensation from tooth sensitivity, with minimal abrasivity.
Gel that is indicated for moments in which pain is very sharp and local action is needed. Its gel formula allows for greater contact time with the affected area and yields quick results while protecting tooth enamel.
Desensitising effect
Its Potassium nitrate-based formula inhibits the transmission of external stimuli to the nerve endings.
Anticaries effect
Its high Fluoride content prevents the formation of caries and remineralises and protects tooth enamel.


Indicated for moments when tooth sensitivity is very sharp and a quick desensitizing effect is needed. It is also recommended for topical application on areas of localised sensitivity.

Use of Desensin Gel

Desensin® gel can be used during brushing as a regular gel dentifrice or after brushing by applying it topically to areas where tooth sensitivity is greater.
Daily use for at least 15 days provides quick and localised desensitising action.

Ingredients Desensin Gel

Potassium nitrate 5.00 %
Eliminates tooth pain.
Sodium fluoride 0.55 % (2,500 ppm fluoride ion)
Prevents caries and remineralises enamel.
Desensin Gel 75 ml gel
(£5,73 / 100 ml)
Product no longer available

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    Made my teeth more sensitive than ever. I was looking for an improvement on sensodyne and this had god reviews. Odd texture and doesn't foam as no sls but would not recommend for sensitivity.

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