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Description of DAX Alcogel 85 0595-24

DAX Alcogel 85 (pH 7 (approx.)) is a disinfectant for the hands in gel form, which contains around 85% vol. denatured ethanol. The gel also contains glycerine as a remoistuizing agent to help prevent your skin from drying out. 
DAX Alcogel 85 is primarily designed to eliminate pathogenic micro-organisms, e.g. disinfection of hands before clean and after dirty work, as well as after contact with mucous membranes or blood etc. Effective against bacteria, fungi and certain viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis B. Examples of fields of application are healthcare, medical care and dentistry, as well as at veterinary clinics. Can also be used in connection with the handling of foodstuffs and childcare. 
DAX Alcogel 85 has been tested and approved according to the European standards for disinfectants.


The DAX alcogel 85 mainly gets used for killing disease inducing micro-organimsns. It's also used to disinfect the hands before hygenic work needs to be done, or after dirty work, but also contacts with mucus membranes, blood etc. Works effectively against bacteria, fungi and all sorts of viruses (swine flu, stomach and intestinal infections, ...)

Mainly used in the medical sector, nursing homes and dental care, but also while handling food, working with children and while working with animals in clinics. DAX 85 is handy to have in the house if you value not spreading around bacteria and infections between family members during influenza seasons, colds etc.

Use of DAX Alcogel 85 0595-24

-Wash your hands with soap and water when they're visibly dirty
-Apply a generous amount of DAX 85 onto dry and clean skin (at least 2 pumps) 
-Rub your hands good and don't forget your thumb
-Let your hands airdry


Storage and Sustainability:
Store at room temperature in the tightly closed original container.

Sustainability in unopened packaging:
see date stamp.

All packaging is recyclable and do not release harmful substances in any combustion.

By inhalation:
Breathe fresh air. Consult a doctor if symptoms persist and give these instructions to the relevant doctor.

By taking:
Rinse mouth thoroughly and then drink plenty of water. Avoid vomiting.

By skin contact:
The product is used for skin contact. Consult a doctor if symptoms occur.

Eye contact:
Rinse immediately with water (preferably using eye bath) for at least 5 min. Eyes wide open. Remove any contact lenses. Consult a doctor and give these instructions to the relevant doctor.

In combustion:
Rinse with water until the pain disappears. Remove clothes which do not adhere to the skin - seek medical advice; If possible, continue flushing with water until the doctor takes over the treatment.
(£2,86 / 100 ml)

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