Damhert Tea Time Tea Defecation 20 sachets

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Description of Damhert Tea Time Tea Defecation

The Damhert Tea Time Bowel defecation tea is a refreshing herbal tea blend that naturally stimulates and supports a healthy bowel movement.
- Fennel: is hailed for its healing and regulating properties in our digestion tract. It calms the intestines and has a positive effect on excess gas and cramps.
- Sennapods & leaves: contain a natural laxative extract that takes effect 6 to 12 hours after drinking, to aid you with a healthy and smooth bowel movement.
- Hibiscus: contains antioxidants and has a natural draining effect for excess water retention.
- Southern Wormwood: works positive in on the digestion of the meals we consume.
- Anise and cumin seeds: have a positve effect on the formation of gas and any bloated feelings that may occur from impaired digestion.


A refreshing herbal tea blend with natural extracts that aid in a healthy bowel movement.

Use of Damhert Tea Time Tea Defecation

Take one teabag and add boiling water. Wait for 6 minutes for the tea to steep and have the herbs be optimally present in the tea.

Ingredients Damhert Tea Time Tea Defecation

senna pods, senna leaves, lemon verbena, anise seeds, fennel, hibiscus, caraway seed.


Do not use under 12. Consult your doctor during pregnancy or breastfeeding. No long term use without professional advice.
Damhert Tea Time Tea Defecation 20  sachets

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  • 5/5
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    Been using this tea for years, but did not know you had it too! For me this is a top product and for many of my friends as well, which is why it will often happen that I order it! Not everyone is happy about it but that depends from person to person. From me you can certainly expect that I will order it more often. For me, definitely a big five and even more! Thank you, greetings sandra
  • 4/5
    Reviewed by
    I'm pleased with it. When I drink the tea in the evening, I have a good bowel movement in the morning. To me, that's just as important as it is to everyone.
  • 4/5
    Reviewed by
    Good product. I trust Farmaline: fast delivery and cheap product. Thank you for the great service and you have a very good website.
  • 4/5
    Reviewed by
    You can feel the difference the same day. I order it regularly. I have recommended this product to everyone who wants to lose weight. One advice: stay close to the toilet.
  • 5/5
    Reviewed by
    The tea has a good taste and is effective to improve your bowel movement. You can already see the positive effects the next morning. Natural product. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

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