Cogniton Focus Duo 2nd at -50% 2x60 capsules

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Description of Cogniton Focus Duo 2nd at -50%

the bioavailability of active parts of Ginkgo Biloba reached 3.5 times thanks to the latest technologies. That's why Cogniton Focus is the first product in Europe to reach such a milestone. the absorption and efficacy of ginkgo biloba is higher with Cognition Focus. To achieve this, phytosomes are used. These are kind of bubbles in which pieces of ginkgo are built so that they can be better absorbed by our body and are able to pass easier through our blood brain barrier. That is extremely important since the aim is to imporve the concentration and the memory.


Students, working middle-aged people and older patients can rely on Cognition for an optimal memory and concentration.

Use of Cogniton Focus Duo 2nd at -50%

For a good effect we recommend to take Cogniton, Cogniton Plus and Cogniton Plus D3 for a longer period of time. Students may expect impact after a few days; elderly after 4 to 6 weeks.

Ingredients Cogniton Focus Duo 2nd at -50%

180 mg Phosphatisylserine
60 mg Ginkgo Biloba
30 µg Selenium
300 IE Vitamin D

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