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Description of Cerederm Silicone Gel

Invisible and easy to use, Cerederm is a self-adhesive silicone dressing for the treatment of scars. The silicone gel relieves itching, softens the scar and reduces its redness. The medical grade silicone smoothes out the scar and limits its development.


Cerederm is really effective on hypertrophic scars (red coloured) or keloids (raised and fibrous, firm and thick). Cerederm is highly recommended for the preventive treatment on closed wound and surgical procedure scars.

Use of Cerederm Silicone Gel

Inspect and clean the scar at least once a day with clear water and neutral soap.
Dry the skin thoroughly before applying the gel.
Apply the gel in a thin layer in a single application without trying to make it penetrate.
Close the tube carefully after use
CEREDERM® Gel is recommended for application twice a day (morning and evening).

Ingredients Cerederm Silicone Gel

The components of CEREDERM® Gel have been specially selected for their excellent tolerance. The intrinsic qualities of the gel allied to proprietary technology ensure easy application, fast drying and longterm action.


Open wound
Pressure ulcer
Unhealed burn

The application of CEREDERM® Gel may cause side effects,such as skin reactions (erythema, pruritus, etc...), a breakage of the wound or pain. Compliance with the precautions for use and contraindications limits these side effects. In the case of the occurrence of side effects, the temporary cessation of use of CEREDERM® Gel is recommended. Treatment may be resumed as soon as a normal situation returns.
(£156,11 / 100 g)

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