Care Plus Anti-Insect Gel 30% DEET 80 ml

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Description of Care Plus Anti-Insect Gel 30% DEET

Care Plus® Anti-Insect DEET gel 30% is the strongest insect-repellent product for the skin. Suitable for tropical destinations (malaria, dengue and yellow fever risks) as well as European regions. The active substance DEET is effective for insect bites and also for ticks. DEET is most effective against (malaria) mosquitoes and horseflies, effective against ticks, and reasonably effective against large horseflies, gnats and midges. Deet products must be applied to the uncovered skin.


Effective up to 6 hours against mosquito's and up to 3 hours against ticks. Suitable for children above 13 years old.
Contains a bitter odorless bitrex taste, which minimizes the chance of children swallowing the product.
Deet also has a repelling effect on horse flies, chitter mites and black flies.

Use of Care Plus Anti-Insect Gel 30% DEET

One spray is sufficient for 2 to 3 weeks daily use in accordance with the prescription. It is important that the consumer understands that these Anti-Insect products must be applied on all exposed skin.
(£13,02 / 100 ml)

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