Biolys Fennel - Anise 24 bags

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Description of Biolys Fennel - Anise

Biolys Fennel - Anise Infusion
This herbal tea with aniseed and fennel that support the production of breast milk. This aromatic plants give a nice flavor to the breast milk, causing the baby to drink more and ease digestion.

Use of Biolys Fennel - Anise

Infuse for 5-10 minutes 
Max 2 cups per day

Ingredients Biolys Fennel - Anise

Aniseed *36%
Sweet Fennel fruit *35%
Licorice root *15%
Fenugreek seed *10%
Lemon natural aroma *3%
Citric Acid 1%

* Product of biological agriculture Certisys BE-BIO-01.


NOT suitable for : pregnant women / children
Suitable for : breastfeeding women

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