Biocyte Collagen Express Sticks 10x6 g

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Description of Biocyte Collagen Express Sticks

Our skin exists mainly of collagen which ensures the density of the skin. Collagen doesn't get delivered by our nutrition, but the organism has to fabric it. Around the age of 25 our body will start to produce less collagen in our skin. This process speeds up with the age of 40 or 50 years. With a lack of collagen our skin gets visibly thinner. Little by little our skin tissue gets thinner which decreases the capacity of holding together nutritional elements and moist. The risk of wrinkles increases.

The supply of extra collagen can help to regenerate the skin tissue and contribute to slowing down the skin aging process. Controlling the amount of collagen in the leather skin is crucial to a beautiful, healthy skin. While cosmetics improve the qualtity of the skin from the outside out, oraly taken collagen supplements beautify the skin from the inside out. The sticks of Collagen Express are available in the form of a powder drink to resolve in water for easy swallowing.
They are packed in handy sticks with a high dose of collagen: each stick contains 5 gram. This drink is digested easily and forms the attacking fase of you anti-wrinkle programme. This food supplement works on different levelsto beautify the skin from the inside out. By improving the moist level from the inside out the skin gets more supple. This way the skin is smoothened and micro wrinkles reduce. Your skin rediscoveres its youth.


A nutritional supplement collagen powder for a fuller and more firm and filled skin with less wrinkles.
- Ideaal for individuals older than 40 years old or when noticing the skin is less firm
- Reinforces the tissue in the skin for a fuller and firmer skin
- Vagues and fills deep wrinkles for a smoother and younger skin

Use of Biocyte Collagen Express Sticks

Dissolve 1 stick in a big glass of water and mix until the powder is dissolved entirely. Drink up all at once. Repeat for 10 days for a optimal result.
This treatment can be repeated as often as wanted during the year, for holidays, festive days or to just boost your youth.

Ingredients Biocyte Collagen Express Sticks

Hydrolysate of fish collagene (5 g), fructose, lemon acid, natriumcitraat (nutritional acids), natural peach aroma, magnesiumcarbonate, siliciumdioxide, maltodextrine of wheat (anti-lump), beta-carotene, concentrated beetroot juice (coulouring elements) - kaliumacesulfaam, sucralose (sweetning).
(£35,08 / 100 g)

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