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Description of Pharma Nord Bio-Carotene+E

What is Beta-Carotene?

Beta Carotene is a member of the carotenoid family of plant pigments, which are responsible for the yellow, orange and red colours of certain fruits and vegetables. Beta Carotene supplements is also known as pro-vitamin A, as it is converted by the body into vitamin A. Vitamin A only occurs in animal tissues (particularly liver, fish liver and dairy products), whereas Beta-Carotene occurs in plant tissues (particularly carrots).

Beta Carotene is converted by the body into vitamin A (retinol), a nutrient that contributes to maintaining normal skin, vision, immune functioning, and mucous membranes. Pharma Nord's Bio-Carotene contains 9 mg of Beta Carotene per capsule (equivalent to 4 large carrots) in an easily digestible and stable form - the natural precursor of vitamin A. Bio-Carotene is manufactured in a way where Beta-Carotene is mixed into an oil matrix that keeps it stable and ensures good bio-availability.

Why Pharma Nord Bio-Carotene:
-Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards
-9 mg of Beta Carotene per capsule (equivalent to 4 large carrots)
-Each capsule contains the vitamin A equivalent of 1500 microgm (approximately 180% of the Recommended Daily Allowance).
-Designed to withstand stomach acidity in order to ensure optimum absorption in the small intestine.


Cartone supplement that contributes to healthy skin, vision, immune functioning and mucous membranes.

Use of Pharma Nord Bio-Carotene+E

-Pharma Nord recommends 1 capsule per day, or as directed by a physician.
-Not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
-Recommended Daily Allowance Generally recommended intake for Beta-Carotene is 25,000IU (15 mg) per day.

Ingredients Pharma Nord Bio-Carotene+E

Declared content per capsule: Vitamin A 1500µg
from beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A) 9mg

Other ingredients: Soya bean Oil, Gelatine, Glycerol, Silicon dioxide


Caution should be taken by those with diabetes, renal or liver disease and hyperthyroidism. Pregnant or lactating women and those on medication should consult a doctor before using any product.

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    I'm entirely satisfied by this product. I finally found something that works for me! I keep recommending this to all my friends, they're obligated! Thank you Farmaline.

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    I chose this product because it has a combination with vitamine E and because 1 capsule contains 6mg beta-carotene. A lot more than most other products on the market. 1 capsule a day is more than enough. This products is also a good preparation for sunbathing and protects against free radicals.

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    You won't get a tan from taking these but they do protect against the sun and UV rays. Especially during the summer I highly value these.

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