Beppy Action Tampon Classic 8 pieces

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Description of Beppy Action Tampon Classic

Dry Beppy is easy to use, hygienic Soft Comfort Tampons (pads) without cord, are designed for maximum comfort and protection. With Beppy Soft Comfort Tampons lets you discretely sports, swimming, dancing and having sex during menstruation. The soft structure and round shape of Beppy Soft Comfort tampons facilitates insertion. The patented anatomical design makes the tampons always good and offer optimal protection.

Use of Beppy Action Tampon Classic

Instructions such a regular tampon. Change your tampon every 4 hours to prevent infections.


Please note that tampons are associated with rare tampon diseases. Change the tampons at least every 4-8 hours or more frequently if necessary. Remember to always remove the last tampon. Beppy Soft Comfort tampons are not a contraceptive.

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