Bacilac Instant 16 bags

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Description of Bacilac Instant

In our digestive tract there are millions of friendly bacteria that form our natural defence and digestive system. Maintaining this balance is really important since bad eating habits are very taxing on our intestines. This instant solution for a healthy amount of friendly bacteria works quickly. It contains 5 billion bacteria that aid our natural immune system on a daily basis.


Digestive powder that provides a healthy amount of friendly bacteria for our intestines.

Use of Bacilac Instant

-Suitable for children age 3 and up, yet also grownups. 
-When there are immune system failures usage should be guided and supervised by a doctor.
-Do not use when allergic to one of the components
-Take 1 to 2 caps a day or 1 to 2 sachets with granules a day.
-Capsules can be ingested with a bit of water, the granules should be consumed without any water or fluids.

Ingredients Bacilac Instant

Bacilac en Bacilac Instant contain at least 5 billion freezedried Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG.
Composotion Bacilac: maltodextrine,gelatine, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, magnesiumstearaat, ascorbinezuur.
Samenstelling Bacilac Instant: Zoetstof : sorbitol (E420) ; maltodextrine ; flavoring: vanille; silicium dioxide; Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, magnesiumstearaat; preservative asorbic acid
Bacilac Gastro Instant contains artificial sweeteners Sorbitol, do not exceed the daily recommended dosage or you can experience a laxative effect.

Side effects of Bacilac Instant

-Safe to use without negative side-effects


-Store in a day and cool place, don't expose to high temperatures.
-Can be kept fresh for 24 months, the expiration date is printed on the packaging.
Bacilac Instant 16 bags

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