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Description of Bach Rescue Pets

Rescue Pets is the NEW non-alcoholic alternative to this already popular product. Rescue Pets contains the same mix of original Bach flowers. Rescue Pets is suitable for all animals. From dogs and cats to birds, horses and iguanas etc. Rescue Pets can be used in different situations such as: fireworks or thunderstorms, vet visits, moving or traveling, competitions, examinations or performances and extreme barking or growling.


Bach Rescue Drops Pets is a 100% natural remedy that gives quick relief in situations of stress and tension.

Use of Bach Rescue Pets

Add the drops to the drinking water or in the feed of the animal. Some animals do not drink often and don't get the drops regularly enough in order to benefit. In that case, use a mixing bottle. If there is no water available, do the drops on the tongue.

Rodent - Rabbit: 2 drops
Dog - cat: 4 drops
Pony - horse: 10 drops

Ingredients Bach Rescue Pets

Glycérine, Aqua, Helianthemum Nummularium, Clematis Vitalba, Impatiens Glandulifera, Prunus Cerasifera, Ornithogalum Umbellatum.
(£90,87 / 100 ml)

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    It's a bit early to tell yet. I have a very nervous dog recently purchased from a rescue centre. I have put the drops in her drinking water she seems to be slowly settling not sure if it's due to the drops

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