Arti-Sport Horses 2,70 kg

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Description of Arti-Sport Horses

Arti-Sport Horses
Nutritional supplementfor horses tomaintain suppleand healthy ligatures.Arti-Sport supportstherestoration of cartilage andlubricates ligatures ofsporthorses.Arti-Sportcontainsa high dose oftype 2 collagen,glucosamineand chondroitinas well as hyaluronic acid,myristoleicandboswelliain optimal proportions.Additionally, MSM, antioxidantsandaddedanumber of mineralsand vitaminsmake this supplementthemosteffective and complete productto combatligature pain.Thanks to the newextremely powerful formula,Arti-Sportwillgive maximum support tothe ligatures ofthesporthorse andfeeding.Almost all professionalriders feelaclear positive effect within three weeks onthemovement of the horse;thisArti-Sport is a mustfor all professional horse farming.

Use of Arti-Sport Horses

1 scoop of 30 g a horse a day mixed in the food 
2,7 kg: treatment of 90 days
1,0 kg: treatment of 33 days

Ingredients Arti-Sport Horses

Feeding materials
Glucosamine Sulfate 2KCL 28.88%, 16.66% methylsulfonylmethane, HCL Hydrolyzed collagen type II 13.66%, 4.77% Chondroitin Sulfate, Dextrose monohydrate 3.71%.

Technological additives: Silica E551a 120 000 mg / kg.
Sensory additives: Aromatic compounds: Boswellia serrata extract 158 310 mg / kg, Aroma - Apple 45 000 mg / kg.
Nutritional additives: Cetylmyristoleate 60 000 mg / kg Hyaluronic Acid 1000 mg / kg.
Vitamins: Ascorbic acid-E300 16 660 mg / kg, Vitamin E-acetate (3665 mg / kg alfatocoferolacetate) (E306) 7330 mg / kg.
Trace elements: zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate (1200 mg / kg Zn) -E6 6383 mg / kg, Manganese chelate of amino acids hydrate (900 mg / kg Mn) -E5 5233 mg / kg, copper chelate of amino acids hydrated (600 mg / kg Cu) E4 3261 mg / kg.
Arti-Sport Horses 2,70 kg

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    Recommended by my vet as the only supplement we should buy. Cheaper than buying from UK and delivered to my door within 3 days. A regular order will be placed as my horse has less maintain acne injections per year.

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