Alvityl Petit Boost 8 x 10 ml bottles

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Description of Alvityl Petit Boost

Alvityl Petit Boost is a food supplement with royal jelly, 10 vitamins and minerals, coloring-free, created to help the organism in case of tiredness, in case of seasonal changes, growth period or unbalanced food intake.
Vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, C and iron contribute to reduce tiredness, bringing vitality. Vitamins B1,B3,B5, C, iron and zinc participate to the transformation of carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy. They contribute to the normal energetic metabolism. Vitamin D contributes to maintain bones and teeth. Royal jelly is a natural component produced by bees.


To reduce tiredness.

Use of Alvityl Petit Boost

Over 3 years old, teenager or adult: take one dose of 10ml once a day.
Flash intake of 8 days. To renew if needed.

Ingredients Alvityl Petit Boost

Phase Liquide, Eau Purifiée, Miel d'Acacia, Fructose, Gelée Royale Fraîche, Colorant, Caramel, Conservateurs, Sorbate de Potassium, Benzoate de Sodium, Arôme Fraise, Acidifiant : Acide Citrique, Phase Solide: Vitamines C, PP, B5,B6,B2, B1, A, D3, Maltodextrine, Agent de Charge, Cellulose Microcristalline, Fumarate de Fer, Oxyde de Zinc, Antiagglomérants : Stéarate de Magnésium, Dioxyde de Silicium.


DO not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Should be used a a part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Quick treatment of 8 days. Repeat the treatment if necessary. May be taken in any season. Not recommended for people who are allergic to bee products.
(£11,22 / 100 ml)

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