Allerprill 45 capsules

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Description of Allerprill

Allerprill has a soothing effect on the airways. Lessens the sensitivity TYPE I (immediate allergic reactions) and type IV (allergies that show up with a delay of the cellular type): hayfever, rhinitis, astma, food allergies and contact allergies.

ALLERPRIL capsules are 100% natural and are extracted by cold pressing the ingredients to get the maximum amount of natural substances that counteract the allergic reactions. This is essential and guarantees the optimum levels of effectiveness. ALLERPRIL is also a natural source of plant based poly unsaturated fatty acids.


100% natural and plant based dietary supplement that aids with allergies and hayfever.

Use of Allerprill

4 capsules a day with a little bit of water to swallow it down or they can be consumed during a meal. Swallow them down or chewing on them also works. They contain a natural oil flavor. Do not exceed the daily recommended amount.

Ingredients Allerprill

1 caps 4 caps
b+pharma PFsO 500,0 mg 2000,0 mg 
Alfalinoleenacid (ALA) (310,0 mg) (1240,0 mg) 

Hydroxypropylzetmeel (E1440); Verwerkt Eucheuma wier (E407a); Emulgeermiddel: Glycerylmonostearate (E471); Bevochtigingsmiddelen: Sorbitolstroop (E420ii), Glycerol (E422); Anti-oxidantia: Tocopherols.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding
ALLERPRILL capsules can be used during breastfeeding and pregnancy without a problem.

Interaction with foods
No known interactions

Operating heavy machines and driving
ALLERPRILL capsules has no negative impact on the ability to drive or operate heavy machines.

Keep in the original packaging and never above 25°C. Keep out of children's reach.
Product no longer available