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Description of 3M Tegaderm Roll 10cm x 2m

Fully transparent fixation bandage roll.

How to apply? When cutting a desired length, you can rely on the centimeter scale. This is indicated over the entire length of the patch on a white strip, and is attached to a removable film (top layer of the patch). If you want to apply (eg to fix a compressor), first pull the (white) layer of the patch away so that the adhesive layer is released. Then stick the patch on the desired skin area. Finally, remove the top layer (with the indicated centimeter scale).


a waterproof fixation of primary bandages with various wounds: 
  • Leg ulcers of various origins, such as venous, arterial, mixtum/ulcers/diabetic foot/square and abrasions/ fixation of drains and probes     
Protective bandage against friction, shear forces and contact with liquid

Use of 3M Tegaderm Roll 10cm x 2m

Examples of use:     
  • Cut the required length and remove the using foil No. 1 (white).     
  • Keep the bandage on the adhesive-free edges, align to the desired location.     
  • Remove the two using foils No.2 and press the bandage for 15-20 seconds.
Instructions for use:     
  • To remove it, pull the bandage flat off the skin or by stretching the bandage to remove the adhesive.
  • The skin has to be supported during pressing of the bandage.     
  • This is not a sterile product.     
  • Do not use 3M Tegaderm Roll on broken skin, open wounds or IV insertion
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Latest reviews and experiences with 3m tegaderm roll 10cm x 2m

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  • 5/5
    Reviewed by
    Great product, delivered on time. I use this to keep on Fentanyl patches and keep them waterproof, this does the job. Much more cost effective that individual plasters. I'll definitely buy again. Thank you
  • 5/5
    Reviewed by
    When I first started using medical patches prescribed by my consultant they kept coming off, particularly in the shower. Applying Tegaderm has resolved this problem. Very easy to apply and stay in place all day.
  • 5/5
    Reviewed by
    This is an excellent product. I have used other tegaderm products and they have been good as waterproof dressings over sensistive wound areas. This was easy to use and once one has the hang of using it properly, does a fantastic job.
  • 5/5
    Reviewed by
    Excellent for custom size dressings. I used it to insert a pant liner over a stomache wound - excellent and dry all night. No dirty pj's and no stained bedding.

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