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Description of Wet-Comod Eye Drops

The number of people, which is confronted with the symptoms of dry eye for the first time, is growing continuously. This is understandable as the afflictions are often facilitated by our lifestyle and work habits. A permanent stay in air-conditioned rooms with surrounding air which is low on humidity, contribute to the development of dry eye, as does prolonged, concentrated work at the computer. As a matter of fact, the frequency of blinks during work in front of the screen is significantly lower than during other activities. In the extended opening phases more humidity can evaporate off the ocular surface. The eyes feel tired and start itching and burning. Thus, it is no coincidence that the occurrence of this light occupational affliction is called “Office-Eye-Syndrome” in English-speaking countries. When the first symptoms occur, the application of WET-COMOD® leads to immediate refreshment. The proven ingredient povidone achieves an increase of viscosity of the eye drops. Thus, the solution stays longer on the ocular surface after dripping it into the conjunctival sac. The moistening effect will be intensified, the eyes recuperate and as a result it is much easier to continue working. Especially convenient for professionals: The application of WET-COMOD® does not impair vision and an application while wearing hard or soft contact lenses is also possible. Thus, the required waiting times before reinserting the contact lenses during the application of other preparations can be omitted.

Preservative-free and phosphate-free in the patented COMOD® system
Preservatives, which are supposed to keep the eye drops free of germs during storage and application, damage the cells of the ocular surface. These substances destroy the natural tear film and they can also be the cause of intolerance reactions. Therefore, modern ocular lubrication preparations are entirely free from preservatives. In WET-COMOD® the patented COMOD® multiple dose system prevents a contamination of the solution by microorganisms.Apart from preservatives, eye drops often contain phosphates which can exert detrimental influence. Due to the reaction with calcium, which is released from the cells of the irritated cornea, practically insoluble crystals can be created which deteriorate vision beyond repair. Therefore, eye drops that are used for the treatment of dry and irritated eyes should not contain any phosphate. WET-COMOD® is entirely free from phosphates and thus excludes the risk of crystal formation.
WET-COMOD® – for the alleviation of dry eye
Eye drops in the COMOD® system with 2% povidone
Extraordinarily compatible due to the proven ingredient povidone
Preservative-free and phosphate-free
Compatible with all types of contact lenses, therefore ideally suitable for the use at work
Wet-Comod Eye Drops 10 ml
(£97,73 / 100 ml)

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