Oenobiol Aquadrainant Plus 45 tablets

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Description of Oenobiol Aquadrainant Plus

The Oenobiol Aquadrainant Plus supplement are a real innovation and relief for people with heavy feeling legs. Thanks to the formula that contains extracts from red vine and grapeseeds, but also added vitamin C, heavy feeling legs are quickly remedied and you can once again walk around without that unpleasant sensation.


A dietary supplement that remedies heavy feeling legs thank to the extract from red vine, grapeseeds and vitamin C.

Use of Oenobiol Aquadrainant Plus

Take 3 Oenobiol Aquadrainant Plus capsules a day during the meal with a tall glass of water. Continue this treatment for 15 days and then renew it if desired.

Ingredients Oenobiol Aquadrainant Plus

3 tablets Daily recommended*
Extract of red grapevine 360 mg 
Extract from gapeseeds 150 mg 
Vitamine C 60mg
Oenobiol Aquadrainant Plus 45 tablets

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