Nicox Xailin Wash 100 ml

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Description of Nicox Xailin Wash

Xailin Wash is a sterile solution for ocular cleansing in unit dose vials of 5 ml. 


• Treatment of superficial irritations of eyelids and eyeball: ocular cleansing solution facilitates elimination of foreign bodies which irritate the eye, such as sand, midges, dusts, pollens, fragments of make-up and eases the sensation of discomfort.
• Adjuvant treatment for infection, allergy or inflammatory pathology of eyelids, conjunctiva and cornea.
• Daily and post-surgical eye cleansing (children and adults).
• Xailin Wash assists in eye hydration

Use of Nicox Xailin Wash

Make sure before use that the single unit is not opened or damaged. Tear off one single-use container from the strip, twist top to open. The eyewashis applieddirectlybypressingslightly onthe vial.Itis recommendedtopullthe lower eyeliddownward, glance to the top, then pull the upper eyelid upward and glance below to spread the solution onto the en

Ingredients Nicox Xailin Wash

Sodium chloride, Boric acid, Borax, Rose water, purified water qs ad 5 ml.


Do not inject, do not swallow. Keep out of the reach of children. If youarea contactlenswearer, youcanusethisproductbut youwillneedtoremoveyourcontactlensesbeforehand. Single use only: any solution not used immediately after opening should be discarded. One unit dose vial can be used for treatment of both eyes. Wash your hands thoroughly before using the solution. Do not touch eyelid surface with the tip of container. The efficacy of an eye drop or an eye ointment can be reduced by simultaneous instillation ofthe eyewash. In case of concomitanttreatment, itis advisable towait10 minutes before each instillation and to use Xailin Wash first. In case of occurrence, persistence or worsening of an irritation or an excessive tearing or eye disorders, stop the use of the solution and consult your practitioner.
Nicox Xailin Wash 100 ml
(£4,85 / 100 ml)

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