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Description of MGDose Glutamina

Glutamine helps prevent muscle loss and stimulates the immune system in situations of rest and recovery. Glutamine neutralizes the excess lactic acid and other metabolic wastes after an intense workout. Glutamine reduces the feeling of fatigue and increases performance. Glutamine improves memory and increases glycogen. L-Glutamine is the most important precursor of GABA, a calming neurotransmitter. L-Glutamine protects the intestinal mucosa and is recommended for permeable intestine (leaky gut), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease.

Use of MGDose Glutamina

2 grams per day

Ingredients MGDose Glutamina

L-Glutamine *, citric acid (acidity regulator), silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent). * From vegetable origin.
MGDose Glutamina 200 g
(£12,14 / 100 g)

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