A.Vogel Coughing Spray Against Dry And Itching Cough 30 ml

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Description of A.Vogel Coughing Spray Against Dry And Itching Cough

A.Vogel Cough Spray is a medical device that quickly and effectively helps with dry cough. The spray puts a protective film layer in the throat. This works antitussive and soothing and ensures that the irritated mucous membranes not be further stimulated. A.Vogel cough spray contains a powerful combination of ingredients and is 100% natural. The spray is easy to use en easy to take with you. It is practical for traveling, at work or on your nightstand.


• An aching, tingling sensation in the airways.
• When coughing is no mucus free.
• No wheezing or difficulty breathing.
• The cough sounds dry.
• A dry cough can make your night awake at night.

Use of A.Vogel Coughing Spray Against Dry And Itching Cough

Adults: 3 times a day, during 6 days spraying. Children 1 to 4 years: 6x once a day spraying. Children from 4 to 12 years: 6 times a day, spray twice. Use by children under adult supervision. Use of the A. Vogel Cough Spray 1. Put the plastic spray head on the bottle and tighten the spray head until it is standing horizontal. Place the end of the spray head (nozzle) in the back of your mouth / pharynx. Push the top of the spray head down and inject the required amount in the mouth / pharynx. Do not breathe while you spray. Hold the bottle straight during this action. 2. Do not drink for 5 minutes after use to to make sure of a good adhesion of the coating film. 3. After using the plastic spray head, turn it down and put it in the vertical direction. If you don't spray for a longer time or if you want to store if temporarily, then rinse the end of the spray head off with lukewarm water. 4. To prevent leaking, close the spray head with the cover cap.

Ingredients A.Vogel Coughing Spray Against Dry And Itching Cough

Honey water extract of Mullein, extract Marshmallow Root, Potassium sorbate. A.Vogel Cough Spray is a natural product. By weathering and harvest time can the taste and color vary slightly.


Does not exceed the indicated dosage. Contains honey. Honey contains natural sugars. Per Serving (3x spray): carbohydrates 0.3 g, of which sugars 0.3g. Energy 4.9 kJ / 1.2 kcal. Diabetics should take this into account.

Use during pregnancy and lactation A.Vogel Cough Spray can, if known, in accordance with the indicated dose may be used. Do not use in Hypersensitivity to any of the components. A.Vogel Cough Spray should not be used by infants and toddlers younger than 1 year.

Combination with other products You can use this product in general simultaneously with other use products. It is advisable to consult in doubt consult with your (family) doctor or pharmacist. Only suitable for oral use.

The following symptoms it is wise to visit the (family) doctor: • Persistent cough with lots of mucus production and / or high fever.
• In case of fever for more than 3 days or after a fever again some fever-free days.
• Coughing by people younger than 3 months of age than 75 years.
• Chills.
• Cough that lasts longer than three weeks without intensity reduce.
• Persistent or recurrent cough due heartburn and upset stomach.
• Prolonged hoarseness or voice problems.
• If you notice any unpleasant effects after using the A. Vogel Cough Spray.
• You should not take longer than 30 days in the A.Vogel Cough Spray to use a treatment. period
(£26,71 / 100 ml)

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