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Description of Alpine WorkSafe Earplugs

  • Hearing protectors to use at work
  • Can also be used during hobby and job tasks
  • With WorkSafe earplugs you prevent hearing damage
  • Because of the special noise filters conversations remain possible
  • Because of the comfortable fit you can keep the earplugs in your ears all day
  • Long lasting

Use of Alpine WorkSafe Earplugs

How do you put in Worksafe earbuds?

Slide the sheath around the stem of the earplug;
  1. Pull the ear gently up a bit and insert the earplug in the ear;
  2. Make a circular motion with the introducer sheath until the earbud fits well;
  3. Pull the sheath off carefully from the ear.
Cleaning & durability

Alpine FlyFit earplugs last longer if properly cleaned. This is possible with Alpine Clean or with soap and water.
  1. Clean the earplugs with soap;
  2. Rinse them thoroughly with warm water.
Alpine WorkSafe Earplugs 1 paar

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