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Description of Fresubin Energy Fibre

Fresubin® Energy (fiber) DRINK is a complete, energy-enriched liquid supplement with or without added fiber for patients at risk of malnutrition:
  • pre- and post-operative
  • unwanted weight loss
  • chewing, swallowing and passage disorders
  • malnutrition
  • patients with a strongly increased energy, such as in burn wounds, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease
  • fluid restriction


  • elderly
  • Patients with unwanted weight loss
  • Increased energy such as pre- and postoperative and chronic illnesses
  • This product may be served as an additional or complete source of alimentation. 

Use of Fresubin Energy Fibre

As supplementary nutrition 2-3 bottles a day
As complete nutrition 5-7 bottles a day

Ingredients Fresubin Energy Fibre

Gluten and fiberfree. Clinically free of lactose and purine. Low in sodium and cholesterol.
Fresubin Energy Fibre 500 ml
(£8,79 / l)