3M Tape Silicone 5cmx5m 2770-2 Box 6 pieces

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Description of 3M Tape Silicone 5cmx5m 2770-2 Box

The 3M Micropore Tape silicone is particularly suitable to attach gauze, even for sensitive skin.

  • No damage tothe skin: with 3M Micropore Tape Silicone, there is a minimal risk of skin damage with removal.
  • Painless removal: through the unique, patented silicone adhesive tape, it can be removed without pain.
  • Good fixation: the flexible tape provides a secure bond.
  • Tearable: both length and width by perforation
  • Prevents irritated skin: the hypoallergenic adhesive ensures a minimal risk of dermatitis (skin inflammation) and other skin problems.


The 3M Micropore silicone tape is designed for attachment on patients with a sensitive skin. In contrast to the traditional, the 3M Micropore remains constant during the fixing period.

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