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Description of Talika Vital Oil

"The history of cosmetics originates in Ancient Egypt, around 3000 BC. Their skincare receipes were kept secret, but Talika discovered the mystery of their plant oils. Besides ... The beauty queens of Egypt Is not legendary? According to them, these precious oils, brought to the skin and senses, a real breath of life.
"One of my uncles, biologist, "nose" and passionate about ancient texts, gave me a few years ago, the secret of the millennium vegetable oils. I then made ​​and developed with his help and knowledge a Universal Oil Care. "" Alexis de Brosses, President. In one bottle, a unique formula, a concentrate of life, each day brings your skin the nutrients essential to its health, its energy, its beauty.

The purest and most refined oils, blend in the heart of oil Vitale ®: Jasmine, pink, lavender. "
It nourishes, regenerates, protects and soothes. The Vital Oil is a 100% natural oil-based concentrate of life providing skin with the daily nutrients it requires for energy, vital harmony and... its beauty.

-Plant oils : Natural moisturizer for deep skin comfort without clogging pores
-Lavender : Cleansing & detoxyfying
-Rose : Softening, hydrating & stimulating


A pure concentrated oil blend that helps to nourish, regenerate & sooth skin daily.
Suitable for all skin types. Contains 100% natural ingredients - no preservatives.

Use of Talika Vital Oil

Put a few drops on dampened facial skin. Gently rub with fingertips. Can be followed up with regular moisturizers if needed.

Ingredients Talika Vital Oil

Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Willow, Mamee Oil, Carob Germ Oil, Essential Oil of Lavender, Essential Oils of Rose, Jasmine.
Talika Vital Oil 30 ml
(£96,15 / 100 ml)
Product no longer available

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    A true spa moment for your skin. The oil has a pleasant scent and appears to be warming the skin while it's nourishing and smoothing at the same time. Even if it's an oil, it's not sticky or oily at all. My delicate skin loves this, I'm sold!!

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