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Description of Talika Free Skin

Inspired by NASA’s work, Free Skin is a Light Therapy cosmetic instrument that is incredibly effective on “problem skin”: acne-related blemishes, shine and redness have no power against it!
At the cutting edge of innovation, it is the fruit of the Talika Research team’s expertise, after studying wavelengths for almost 15 years and becoming a pioneer on the Light Therapy market in 2008.
Patented, compact and easy-to-use, Free Skin combines two specific wavelengths to visibly purify the skin:
• Blue light (440 nm) has antibacterial properties and regulates excess sebum
• Red light (630 nm) is soothing, reduces redness and boosts the skin’s regeneration, so that blemishes are quickly erased, without a trace.
Free Skin’s targeted action yields healthier skin in just seven days.
Blemishes are less visible (78% satisfaction)*, and the face is less shiny (measured effectiveness of 14%)** and less red (measured effectiveness of 27%)***.
The complexion is matter, clearer and more even. The face is liberated!
• Blue light (440 nm): antibacterial and regulates excess sebum.
• Red light (630 nm): soothes, reduces redness and boosts the skin’s regeneration.
Dermatologically tested technologies.


Reduces and accelerates the disappearance of imperfections.

Use of Talika Free Skin

Two ways to use the device:

• Occasional, localized blemishes: three 2-minute sessions per day (morning, noon and evening), until the blemish disappears

• Chronic, large blemishes: two 2-minute sessions per day (morning and evening), sweeping the device over all of the concerned zones
Free Skin is ergonomic and easy-to-use, and automatically turns off after one minute.
Use with or without a blemish-reducing cosmetic treatment (boosts treatment effectiveness).
* Use test – 37 subjects – % satisfied
** Use test – 36 subjects – sebum secretion rates
*** Use test – 8 subjects – used twice a day for 3 minutes