Shur Healthy Breath 12 capsules

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Description of Shur Healthy Breath

Shur offers a complete and effective solution to bad breath because it works well in the mouth and in the stomach. This double action is achieved with a patented capsule-in-capsule technology. Shur prohibits and prevents bad breath because it neutralizes the volatile gases which cause unpleasant breath and also contributes to the restoration of the balance in the mouth. In addition to these strong actions in the mouth, it will also work in cases where bad breath is arising from the stomach, caused by food, alcohol and other beverages.
The first capsule dissolves and releases its contents in the mouth. Once the first capsule has melted, the smaller inner capsule is released and dissolved in your stomach, providing long-lasting freshening breath care, from the inside out.
  • Eliminates & prevents bad breath
  • Dual action: MOUTH & STOMACH
  • Restores the balance in the mouth
  • No dental discoloration
  • Long-lasting breath care


The total solution for bad breath

Use of Shur Healthy Breath

Place the capsule in the mouth and let it dissolve for 30sec.
After this time you should swallow the inner capsule.
Chronic bad breath: 2 cap/day for 14 days
Prevention/Maintenance: 1 cap/day for 7 days
Occasional bad breath: 1 capsule. If necessary you can repeat after 6 hours.

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