Herpatch Serum Cold Sores 5 ml

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Description of Herpatch Serum Cold Sores

The Herpatch Serum is the innovative and effective way to treat fever blister symptoms easy and fast. The Herpatch Serum can be applied easily on the fever blister with the easy to use tube. After a few minutes the white serum forms a protective and transparent film over the blister and togheter with the ingredients it helps to speed up the healing process. Herpatch Serum treats your fever blister symptoms in every stage of the outbreak.

14 Advantages
A cream that becomes a patch
Treats every stage of the outbreak
Forms a protective film
Painless removal
With active properties
Relieves pain and burning
Helps to protect against sunlight exposure
Speeds up the healing process
Hides instantly
Reduces redness, swelling and blistering
Helps to prevent itching and scabbing
Helps to prevent the spreading of the virus
Firms, tones and strengthens the skin
Easy to use, invisible liquid serum


For pain relief, protection, and a fast recovery in each stage of the cold sore.

Use of Herpatch Serum Cold Sores

Before use, wash or rinse the affected area
Make sure your hands are clean and dry
Gently apply a small amount of the film forming serum on the fever blister so that it adequately covers all lesions and a margin of healthy skin surrounding them. After a few minutes the white serum forms a protective and transparent film over the fever blister. The serum can be reapplied, if necessary, every 3-4 hours until the fever blister is completely healed. The film can be removed, if necessary, with warm water.
You can use Herpatch Serum at any stage of the outbreak. However, we suggest applying it at first sign of an outbreak.

Ingredients Herpatch Serum Cold Sores

The Herpatch Serum is based on the targeted liquefied film technology. Upon application, it will form a transparent thin but strong solid barrier over the affected area which allows it to create an ideal micro-environment. The ingredients will create a strong, instant protective barrier which will cover the wound, caused by the HS virus. Its benefits include: visibility of wound margins, reduction of erythema, pain control and patient comfort
The active function of the Herpatch Serum is also supported by the 3 ingredients similar to the Herpatch Remesense patches.
First of all, beta-glucan is known to soothe, protect and hydrate the skin, which helps to improve wound healing.
Secondly, the sulfated polysaccharides from a red microalgae help to protect against sunlight exposure and also have protective moisturizing properties for the skin matrix.
Finally, zinc sulphate has an astringent action, which firms, tones and strenghtens the layers of the skin.
Herpatch Serum Cold Sores 5 ml
(£160,13 / 100 ml)

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