Evocure Hair Growth Factor Serum 100 ml

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Description of Evocure Hair Growth Factor Serum

Evocure Hair Growth Factor Serum
With age, due to genetic factors, the capillaries supplying the bulb tend to shrink and to become thinner, causing poor nutrition of the hair as well as increased sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Based on these observations, the new Hair Growth Factor Serum was invented to act simultaneously on the degradation of capillaries and other factors mainly responsible for the degradation of the quality of the hair. It works by stimulating the development of capillaries around the bulb through the Vascular growth factors (VEGF), proteins responsible for initiating the development of blood vessels. When the network of capillaries is redensified, the bulb is gradually better fed and  hairs grow visibly healthier, stronger and thicker.

Discovered in 1984 by Nobel laureates Prof. Cohen and Prof. Levi-Montalcini , growth factors are proteins used by the body as biological messengers to initiate cell renewal  and repair. With time, skin's collagen deteriorates under the influence of free radicals while the propensity of the body to renew it naturally decreases causing a loss of firmness and the appearance of wrinkles.
Recent clinical studies demonstrate that the application of creams with growth factors (EGF)  significantly increased the natural production of collagen and a visible reduction of wrinkles. "The application of growth factors-based cream has generated a cutaneous improvement for 78.6% of persons subjected to the study with a production of collagen in increase of 37% on average. Journal of Dermatological Surgery, 2005. "The use of a serum containing growth factors, cytokines, peptides and a mixture of antioxidants has significantly decreased the signs of skin aging'". Journal of Drugs inDermatology, 2009

Growth factors: Our growth factors are encapsulated by a lipid layer that protects the proteolysis (protein degradation) and guarantee their purity until 2 years after their production
Tri-Hyal™ Hyaluronic Acid: Our multiple molecular weight hyaluronic acid is the basis of our serums. It offers exceptional physical and pharmaceutical properties:
- Excellent hydration of the skin
- Delivery of active ingredients in the deepest layers of the epidermis
- Protection and conservation of active principles
Bio - Blend™ technology: Our technological expertise enables us to optimally combine  our ingredients with our hyaluronic acid which gives our formulas a high stability and an optimal penetration in the skin.


Stimulates the development of capillaries around the bulb and slows down hair loss
Slows hair loss
Restores hair shine and vitality 
Stimulates hair growth

Use of Evocure Hair Growth Factor Serum

Every day before going to bed, apply 2 sprays at hair's root as well as on the bald areas 
Massage gently with the tip fingers to absorb the scalp 
Slow down of hair loss usually happens in a few weeks 
Use a special shampoo for fine hair without substances that damage the bulb (if possible avoid products containing Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate) 
Wherever possible, wash the hair with a dry Shampoo (in spray) on alternate days in order to slow the weakening of hair 
The use of a micro type roller "derma stamp" before the application of the product allows to increase the quantity of active ingredients absorbed by the scalp, which is ideal for the very bald areas 
Continue product use on a regular basis and as long as possible as the first results on hair growth usually become visible after a few months of regular use 
Can be used in addition to treatments like Minoxidil or Finasteride 
Do not swallow, in the event of accidental ingestion contact the national poison control center

Ingredients Evocure Hair Growth Factor Serum

Vaso Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF)
Amino acids
Evocure Hair Growth Factor Serum 100 ml
(£43,27 / 100 ml)
Product no longer available

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